Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that are asked on a somewhat regular basis. We trust they may answer your questions also but should they not, please feel free to contact us and we will respond promptly. This list will be added to as trending questions are identified.
+ Can you do a portrait of an ancestor from many years ago?

That is really not a problem as we have done so often in the past. Provided there are good clear photographs (as many as possible) to work with and an idea of complexion, hair colour, eye colour, etc a close likeness may certainly be achieved. Research may be required into any particular uniform details or equipment/ribbons worn, but these are usually quite easy to confirm as the portrait progresses.

+ Are the figurine sculptures the property of the artist or the people commissioning the piece?

Copyright is inherently that of the artist unless the rights are signed over to another party. In all commissioned work the copyright is transferred to the appropriate authority or person. The same applies to any painting or graphic work undertaken on behalf of any client. The resulting original piece of work is their property and the copyright is transferred in all cases also.

+ Do you do all the work in house?

The vast majority of design work is done in house. The unique exceptions are when there is a need for 3D scanning and printing, as well as casting in metals such as Pewter and Bronze. We use specialized companies for those services.

+ How may I view the progress being made on a piece of work if I am not local?

Provided the client has an internet connection, we often send photographs at prescribed phases of the design or set up a Skype session where the client can view the design and discuss details in real time. We use Skype a lot!