Corporate Design & Branding

CAF sports crest design by John PerryOf all the design fields, this is without question the most challenging and rewarding. Corporate Design & Branding takes a visual element, a type font, a colour or colours, or a combination of each of these, and creates an appeal that the viewer finds pleasing to view, easy to remember, and positively identifies with. This field of design can potentially engage numerous applications including printed material, uniforms, signage, and advertising.

In essence, Corporate Design & Branding is a method of influencing perception of you, your organization, and your products.

CAF sports crest on hockey jersey by John PerryA robust corporate identity design package is able to greatly enhance your perception within your identified market. A few keys to successful Corporate Design & Branding are:

Constancy in Design. While the applications of the design may vary widely and the materials involved are completely dissimilar, there must be a common "look and feel" that binds all these pieces together under one umbrella - your Corporate design and Branding package.

Differentiation. The over arching objective is to make your brand name stand out strong and noticeable among the competition or within your identified target audience. A properly planned and executed design strategy is able to reinforce your brand name or image for the purpose defined in the original design brief.

CAF sports crest on PT shirt by John PerryGreater Recall Value. This is the psychological aspect of Graphic design. For it is within this area that you are appealing to your target audience or market psychologically, thus adding to the recall value of Branding. For this to be considered a true success, your target audience or market must be able to bring to mind your branding identity at the time that they’re set in making a choice or decision.

John Perry Designs is well equipped to assist you with defining your goals and objectives, and translating these into a comprehensive Corporate Design & Branding package that will place you in an advantageous position within your field of business. Here is an example of a recently completed branding project for The British Columbia Regiment (DCO).