Work up sketch for 7th (1st BC) Bn CEF figurine by John PerryThe primary sculpture service offered by John Perry Designs is for miniature figurines, often referred to as maquettes.

Each sculpture subject is meticulously researched to ensure complete authenticity in appearance and that uniform details and equipment are accurate for the period depicted.

The first step in the design process, once all details have be finalized, is to produce a detailed sketch that captures the essence of the figure to be sculpted. From the sketch, design progresses to a clay mock up. It is at this stage the figure truly begins to come alive! Subtle changes to stance and visual balance can be made, ensuring the figure has equal appeal from all angles and is, of course, anatomically correct.

Workup clay figure - RCMPFrom clay we then move into the final sculpture. The materials used are mixed and varied, depending on the subject and the details required. Specialty waxes, epoxy resins, foam, wire, cloth, these are just some of the materials used in the process of producing an accurate representation of the subject. Photos are taken throughout this stage of the process to ensure there are no "surprises" at the end and the final product meets or exceeds all of the client's expectations.

Here is an example of a recently completed figurine project. The figure was commissioned by Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) as the official maquette in support of the Regiment's 100th Anniversary in 2014. Limited to 100 individually hand finished and numbered pieces, these will soon become a collectors item.