Figurine - "PPCLI 100th Anniversary"

PPCLI 100th Anniversary logoPPCLI figurine by John PerryThe PPCLI was raised on the initiative of Captain Andrew Hamilton Gault in 1914, to participate in the Canadian war effort for the First World War. It was the first Canadian infantry unit to enter the theatre of operations, arriving in France on December 21, 1914. The regiment has also participated in the Second World War, the Korean War and the War in Afghanistan, as well as in numerous NATO operations and United Nations peacekeeping missions. The regiment has received 39 battle honours, two mentions of the Commander-in-Chief and the United States Presidential Unit Citation.

Detail - PPCLI 100th Anniversary Maquette by John PerryThe PPCLI will be 100 years old on 10 August 2014. To mark this unique occasion, the Regiment will celebrate "A Century of Service to Canada" from August 2014 to May 2015. As an integral part of these celebrations, the 100th Anniversary Office approached John Perry to design and fabricate a suitable Maquette, or small figurine, as a presentation piece and limited edition collectors item. After several discussions and subsequent conceptual drawings, it was decided to portray a typical soldier of the modern era in full combat order.

PPCLI 100th Anniversary Maquette by John PerryThe process began with creating clay mock ups based on highly detailed photographs provided by the PPCLI. Once the mock up positioning and equipment had been approved, work began on the final design. Using a combination of materials such as wax, resin, metals and cloth, the final design was submitted for final approval by the Regiment before proceeding to production. The finished pieces stand 13 1/2" tall and are mounted on custom wood bases. Limited to 100 in keeping with the 100th Anniversary, each piece is individually cast and hand finished in Cold-cast Bronze. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist John Perry and LGen (Ret'd) Ray Crabbe, Colonel of the Regiment.

For further information about the availability of this collectors piece or other enquiries regarding the PPCLI 100th Anniversary events, please contact the PPCLI 100th Anniversary Office or visit their web site.